Young entrepreneurs in Taiwan invent recyclable bags to make e-commerce greener

Young entrepreneurs in Taiwan invent recyclable bags to make e-commerce greener
撰文: Wendy Wu     分類:還海日記     圖檔來源:今周刊 日期:2021-09-16

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A group of young Taiwanese have created recyclable package bags out of used PET bottles and glass, drawing acclaim from Digital Minister Audrey Tang (唐鳳), the sponsorship of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., and NT$6 million (US$216,670) in total funding.

Founded in April 2019, PackAge+ (配客嘉) came up with these package bags after half a year's development. The waterproof, anti-theft, anti-collision bags come in six sizes.


Most importantly, production of the bags produces 80% fewer carbon emissions than that of single-use plastic bags, according to Business Today.


"A huge amount of waste is produced merely to pack products," said PackAge+ founder Yeh Te-wei (葉德偉), who was an online vendor for three years. Each year in Taiwan, online shopping involves 80 million packing boxes — which if piled up would be 1,000 times the height of Taipei 101.


To address the plastic pollution caused by online shopping, the group has so far collaborated with 67 e-commerce companies. The companies rent recyclable packing bags from PackAge+ and use them to wrap up their products to be shipped.


Customers can use the PackAge+ app to locate the startup's recycling sites, and those who recycle the used bags will receive coupons. PackAge+ has set up over 300 such sites around the country.


Digital Minister Tang, who attaches great importance to environmental protection, spoke highly of the group's system of circulating package bags, saying the design strikes a balance between sustainability and commercialization. The invention reuses plastic materials, which conform to the spirit of corporate social responsibility (CSR), she said.


The PackAge+ team hopes this new form of packing will refresh the e-commerce sector and encourage people from all walks of life to engage in environmental issues.