Foodpanda Taiwan join hands to fight plastic waste

Foodpanda Taiwan join hands to fight plastic waste
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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — An environmental group in Taiwan has teamed up with an unlikely partner to fight plastic pollution — Foodpanda, a food delivery platform that is a major source of single-use containers..


Foodpanda Taiwan sought to collaborate this year with an environmental organization, RE-THINK, in a project to address one-time-use waste as part of its social responsibility initiative. In the first half of 2020 alone, the delivery service produced 670 tons of waste from the explosive growth of orders amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


The two parties have overcome a string of obstacles in the partnership in a bid to strike a balance between meaningful pollution mitigation while limiting the impact on business practices. Acknowledging Foodpanda’s significant presence in Taiwan, RE-THINK is taking advantage of the company’s clout via various approaches, reported Business Today.


One part of the collaboration is a massive recycling awareness survey that would not have collected 37,000 samples if it had been conducted solely by RE-THINK. The effort served as a boost to the trash recycling campaign of RE-THINK, which has rolled out a graphic-based “Recycle Index” for better dissemination of waste management knowledge.


The program also involves Foodpanda supporting RE-THINK-spearheaded campus events and a marketing campaign for 3,000 eco-conscious partners of the food courier. The criteria determining which businesses are qualified will be jointly designed with the environmental group.


Despite efforts like the RE-THINK-Foodpanda tie-up, Business Today revealed that policymakers in Taiwan have been lagging behind in the battle against plastic pollution. According to Greenpeace, the country has seen the use of single-use and paper containers grow by 37 percent over the past decade, as plastic bans have failed to adapt in a rapidly changing economy — for example, the rise of delivery services.


Measures should be taken to discourage plastic use at traditional markets, street eateries, and tea shops, while more awareness campaigns are needed to drive a change in consumer behaviors, reckoned Greenpeace.


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